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We are not only good at helping clients overcome speech and language disorders, but we also excel at speech-language assessments to determine their progress. Our speech and language therapists in Laurel, MD are able to develop friendly relationships with the clients from the very beginning of therapy.

Our assessment, however, does not stop there—we maintain a treatment plan that reflects current progress on each client.

Your child may need a speech and language evaluation if:
• Your child is not reaching developmental milestones.
• Your child often appears frustrated when trying to communicate.
• Your child seems reluctant or hesitant to communicate with others.
• Other people seem to have difficulty understanding your child.
• Your child appears lost when given verbal directions or information.
• Your child has difficulty with social interaction with other children.
• Your child is having trouble with reading and writing.

An adult may need a speech and language evaluation if:
• There are concerns regarding communication or swallowing, following a neurological diagnosis or surgical procedure.
• There are concerns regarding problem solving, planning, and memory for daily living activities.

For the evaluation you will need to bring and complete the intake packet.

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