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Besides difficulty uttering sounds, you may also notice that your young one has difficulty understanding what other people are saying and difficulty in arranging words to communicate effectively. Like speech disorders, language disorders are also normal, and they can be overcome easily with the right language developmental therapy. We are the leaders in language development in Laurel, MD.

We have worked with many kids in the past and this allows us to easily determine language disorders in our patients. After we have determined the underlying problem, we then assign a dedicated speech language pathologist to your loved one to guide him/her through all the developmental stages. This ensures that no stone is left unturned and that the services are customized according to the patient’s needs and preferences.

The nurturing environment in our developmental center helps kids to overcome the fear and social seclusion that language disorders cause. What’s more, kids are able to make friends with others who are facing similar challenges, and this also helps them to practice freely and improve their language skills faster than when they are only training at home.

We also have a rehabilitation program in place for kids who need more attention and more practice to perfect their understanding and sentence construction skills. Here at Communication 4 You LLC, we utilize the best and latest technology to improve language acquisition, and we deploy our best speech language pathologists to ensure success at the end of the program. Clients are always welcome to discuss their child’s language disorder, and our friendly customer agents will explain all our services in detail.

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